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A professional web programmer with hands on knowledge building e-commerce and database driven sites from scratch.

With over 18 years experience building websites, e-commerce and datadase driven applications, I have the knowledge and background necessary to develop any application on the world wide web.

I consider myself a problem solver, self-motivated and passionate for building websites, very organized, hard worker and detail oriented. I can either work as team player or independent.

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Currently working for www.hightecweb.com as IT Consultant, E-commerce Specialist, SEO Consultant, Web and Database Developer in a position that utilize my strong Internet related skills - web development, web design and project management for the World Wide Web - system analysis and programming knowledge. I look forward for a long term commitment with a client company that will provide me the opportunity to work with highly technical software applications and personal with the intent to improve profitability and efficiency.


My relevant skills, softwares and programs I use.

  • Hand coded programmer;
  • Senior system analysis experience;
  • Webservices and distributed applications;
  • Strong knowledge of all major web design software;
  • Senior SEO/SEM consultant. PPC and affiliate campaigns management;
  • Very hard worker;
  • Organized and detail oriented;
  • Committed to deadlines;
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish;
  • Over 18 years experience in web development;
  • Adobe ColdFusion Certified Developer;
  • HTML, XHTML and CSS;
  • JavaScript and Ajax (jQuery);
  • Java, JSP and JWS;
  • PHP, Perl, Lisp;
  • Windows NT/2000/2003
  • Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS;
  • Entry level C# and .NET;
  • ASP 3.0;
  • Flash ActionScript, Remoting and Flex;
  • SQL Server (T-SQL, procedures, triggers and Administration);
  • MySQL (management and developement)
  • Oracle (SQL developement)
  • Erwin and Case Studio Experience
  • Database analysis and modeling;
  • Business objects;
  • Netsuite integration;
  • SugarCRM;
  • Content Management Systems;
  • Web Administration and reporting tools;
  • Open source applications;
  • Mailing software hardware (Ironport, StrongMail, VoloMP, PowerMTA);

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