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Parkland, FL

09/2011 - Current


RimsDealer.com is a custom ecommerce site that sells affordable wheels and tires. We wrote from scratch the code and database. All the back end is also custom made to fit exact need for this market. Techologies used: Windows Server 2008, ColdFusion, SQL Server, SEO, SEM, XML feeds, Jquery, Json, HTML 5 and CSS 3.

· Senior Web Developer / CTO / SEO Specialist



Sunny Isles Beach, FL

06/2007 - Current


This is a company specialized in building e-commerce websites and database driven applications for the internet. As a main responsible for the daily operations I oversee all the activities and manage the technical aspects for the new development and business tasks.

· Senior Web Developer



Washington, DC

06/2009 - 01/2010


Responsible for maintaining and enhancing the Interamerican Development Bank internet website. Fix current issues and code new site features. Developed new SEO content resulting in better page ranking. Technologies used: ColdFusion MX 8, SQL Server 2005, Jquery, CSS and HTML.

· Senior Coldfusion Programmer, Database and SEO Specialist



Manhattan, NY

09/2008 - 03/2009


As a senior programmer, for this major Broadway and Off-Broadway news and tickets site, I've made many improvements to the website functionalities. Including query optimizations, SEO and SEM, back end new features, cosmetic and usability addons. Working in a team of 5 technical professionals that handles the whole site technical aspects. Technologies used: ColdFusion, SQL Server, Ajax, Javascript, CSS and HTML.

· Senior Programmer and SEO specialist



Coral Gable, FL

01/2009 – Present


As a senior technical person for the online travel agency website specialized in selling tickets to Brazil, I am responsible for optimizing its site usability and search engine marketing. The site was built in SQL Server 2000 and traditional ASP code.

· Chief Technology Officer



Doral, FL

07/2007 – Present


As a senior technical person for Wheels Next, Inc, I was responsible for all the company's e-commerce websites, databases, search engine optimization, internet marketing, and technology advisor. Including long and short term technology direction, business-focused oversight of R&D and all the softwares/web applications used and produced by the corporation. Techologies used: Windows Server 2003, ColdFusion MX, PHP, SQL Server, SEO, SEM, XML feeds, Javascript, Ajax, HTML and CSS.

· Chief Technology Officer


Full Time

Hollywood, FL

08/2005 –07/2007


As a senior technical person for Axis Interactive Media, I am responsible for all the company's techonology roles. Including long and short term technology direction, business-focused oversight of R&D and all the softwares/web applications used and produced by the corporation. Techologies used: CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise, Windows Server 2003, Custom Mailing Software, PHP, .NET (C#), MySQL, SQL Server and ColdFusion MX 7, Ironport, PowerMTA, StrongMail, RoboMail and VoloMP.

I am also responsible for the alliance between Axis and Wheels Next Inc, a leader in e-commerce sales of wheels, rims and tires on the internet. From the result of this alliance, Wheels Next will be able to have a search engine optimized website, with simple and customized checkout and shopping cart process that allows customers buy wheels and/or tires based on theirs own vehicle information plus many other e-commerce features. This site uses mainly ColdFusion MX 7, SQL Server 2000, Ajax and Javascript code.

·  Senior Web Developer


Full time

Hollywood, FL

07/2002 – 07/2005


Foresite.com is the premier partner for Able Commerce. An e-commerce software solution based on ColdFusion/Java/ASP/.NET. Using mainly SQL Server 2000 as database tier. I customized e-commerce systems for the company’s major clients such as Designer Linens Outlet, the online subsidiary of one of the largest bed & bath manufacturer in the country featuring popular items from top brands including Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne, Dockers and Calvin Klein . I fully customized also the front and back end of the Island Surf Store, the world’s largest online retailer of cool sandals, surf apparel and accessories, featuring top brands including Reef, Quicksilver, Billabong, Rainbow, O’Neill and Roxy. I was responsible for analysis and development for several e-commerce projects utilizing the latest web related technologies and platforms. One of Foresite’s most successful developed project I worked is an EDI system to integrate our client’s back end software and Amazon.com’s merchant platform using ColdFusion, Java, Web Services, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSD and SQL Server. I also developed an Auction based website that uses Flash Remoting for bid alert, a dynamic Macromedia Flash site with shopping cart and CMS features, a portal for Oracle consultants using Oracle 8i and many others.

· Senior Web Developer and System Analyst


Full time

Miami, FL

09/2000 – 10/2001


An investment from Vivendi Universal. A leader in media and telecommunications with activities in music, interactive games, fixed and mobile telecommunications, television and film. This was a $2,000,000.00 Spanish web portal having the main investor. As a Senior Cold Fusion Programmer and System Analyst I was the person in charge if something went wrong with any of our websites. I had full knowledge on all project from concept to deployment

  · Alphabetical list of other websites done or made improvements:



And many others...

  · Special Worth Mentioning Systems:
  1. Built, with two other coworkers, a large mailing solution for Axis Interactive that used about 30 servers in a distributed and hybrid system (using PHP, ColdFusion, Java, MySQL, SQL Server and 5 major mail servers, Ironport, PowerMTA, StrongMail, RoboMail and VoloMP). This system could deliver 144,000,000 email messages a day. Had reliable tracking system, creative management and customized performance reports. This system helped the internet marketing efforts to delivery can-spam compliance email messages to Axis' customers.
  2. Created an EDI system for Foresite that made the major clients connect theirs e-commerce system with Amazon. This system used Java and SQL Server to send products information to Amazon and receive back orders data using web services (SOAP messages). Some of Foresite's clients could double theirs online sales after implementing this solution.
  3. Created custom vehicle/wheel fitment algorithm for Wheels Next, INC.  Taking the load from the customer service and having the website do the time consuming task to guide customers to the right choice of rims and tires for theirs vehicles. Also, created all the SEO/SEM campaigns that made wheelsnext.com the leader in the rims industry for natural Google results.


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